Hi Peter, do try out and let us know how it goes :).

Should you need to use these Simba JDBC drivers on Tabelau Server, you might need add support for JRE 11+ (Tableau currently ships with JRE8). Send me a private message if you need instructions for such.

I’ve also published some other articles on how to use Simba’s JDBC drivers for Bigquery with Tableau, but these solutions are only suitable for creating Hyper Data Extracts, not for ad-hoc analytics, like we are doing with GCP Spanner. The reason why Simba’s JDBC for BigQuery driver won’t work for usual ad-hoc data exploration in Tableau is because it uses some quite unusual and non-standard SQL dialect, which will throw a bunch of errors in Tableau. Nevertheless, my solutions are still extremely useful for selected companies willing to bring Bigquery data in-memory in Tableau in a dramatically faster way then with Tableau’s native BigQuery connector, as well as to use Service Account keys. You can read mode about them here https://community.tableau.com/docs/DOC-23150 and here https://community.tableau.com/docs/DOC-23161

Hope this helps!




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