Good points Gunnar Tångring, I agree the data is not perfect, as they have the last information provided by the mäklare. If the price is correctly updated in the Lantmäteriet, then they will show up in Booli (it can take months).

As you pointed out, the overall trends should still be correct in the Viz for the most, if you see that a property sells for higher than listing price, the actual final price will be even higher.

As for your second point, I would also love to understand better what’s going on in the Summer. If you have the chance, download the workbook on Tableau public and explore it, and kindly share your new insights here. It may benefit other folks. The link to the Booli connector is in the article, so feel free to use updated data.

I also am very curious to know what will be the impact of the of the Amorteringskrav some months from now…

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