Configuring Auth0 as SAML SSO Identity Provider for Tableau

  1. Go to your Tableau Online or Server instance and fetch the ACS URL and Entity ID
  • As an Admin, go to Site Settings > Authentication tab and “Enable an addition authentication method”
  • Fetch your Entity Id and ACS URL. We’ll need to enter these values in Auth0
Note: this screenshot apply to Tableau Online SAML and Tableau Server Site-Specific SAML. If you are doing this as Tableau Server Server-Wide SAML, use the TSM web interface or CLI instead.
  • Audience → Tableau Entity ID
  • Recipient → ACS URL
  • Destination → Tableau ACS URL

Testing the SAML integration

  1. In Tableau, go to Settings > Users > Add a new user and set the authentication method to Auth0 SAML

Encrypting SAML requests (Optional Step)

  1. Go to Tableau’s SAML config page and download the .cer certificate file. This




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