This is an easy guide on how to install a self-signed certificate on Tableau Server that requires just 1 config file and 2 commands. It can also be applied to Windows machines (just make sure to add the OpenSSL directory to your PATH variable).

I will also show you how to install that certificate on a client computer (MacOS and Windows), to make it to trust the certificate while browsing Tableau’s GUI.

Self signed SSL certificates should only be used for testing or development purposes.

So, why bother? Well, there are a number good reasons why you might need to quickly generate and test SSL certificates (topic for a non-lockdown beer?), but it also gets rid of that annoying “Your Connection is Not Private” message, so it does feels good…

The process to configure Salesforce as Single Sign-on IdP for Tableau Online (or Tableau Server) can be super frustrating and difficult to debug.

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In this short video, you’ll see a step-by-step and the main gotchas you might encounter when trying to integrate this method of Authentication to your Tableau Online and Salesforce Connected App.

You’ll also see in acton some of the tools I use to troubleshoot eventual SAML configuration errors. Namely these are:

The official Guide from Tableau on how to configure this can be found here. …

This is perhaps my shortest and laziest post, but as they say, sharing is caring :)

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I’ve recorded a couple videos explaining the process for embedding a simple Tableau view in Salesforce using VisualForce page component.

The first shows the process of creating a VF component and embedding Tableau into a Salesforce page:

And of course, this wouldn’t be complete if we had not shown how Tableau would look embedded in Salesforce Community Cloud, how to implement RLS (Row-Level Security) and how to leverage Salesforce Identity as the SAML IdP for Tableau Online or Tableau Server, to provide a SSO (Single Sign-on) experience:

Let me know what thoughts and what you’d like to see in a future post :)

As we continue to observe companies migrating their workloads to the cloud, fans of the traditional relational model, who also need a globally-distributed database, may find Google Cloud Spanner offers an irresistible combination of those things.

What was missing until now was the ability tap and explore this amazing database with the most awesome Visual Analytics Platform in the planet 😊.

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Not familiar with Spanner? Here is a short overview from GCP Blog:

A couple years ago I created a Tableau Web Data Connector (WDC) for Swedish House prices. A number of my customers have been using it since then on a daily basis. It allows one to retrieve prices of properties sold anywhere in Sweden since several years back, as well as the houses currently for sale on the market.

One customer has used this data with Machine Learning to predict the prices these houses might end up selling for. Now they want to generalise their algorithm to provide a price estimate for a wider area, e.g. the postal code, rather that at the individual location (lat/long) level. …

If you are reading this post, you are either on course to deploy an Internet of Things (IoT) Solution or you are among the thousands of business leaders that sees the potential that this technology is promising to deliver in the near future. Implementing the right IoT solution can bring tremendous value to your organization, but the key question is — where do you start?

Marius and I both work as Tableau Solutions Consultants, based in London, UK. We have been involved in a number of IoT projects to date. For instance, Marius has worked hand in hand with a large telecommunications provider building an embedded self-service IoT analytics solution that allows Network Operations Managers to optimize performance and maintain superior network quality. I myself have had the incredible opportunity to help trackside engineers from a leading racing team to leverage the power of real-time telemetry data to optimize car and driver performance during the races. …

I understand you… Just like most of those living in Sweden, I had to study (a.k.a suffer from) the housing market. My love-hate relationship with real estate started with me renting a student room in Gothenburg and being forced to move three times within 9 months. A year later, I moved to Stockholm and again struggled to find a place to rent. Eventually, my boss knew someone, who knew someone, who saved me from the streets. Three years later I made the big decision to buy my own flat. Fast-forward four years, I realized that my real estate-investing bravado only led me to loose money when i sold the flat. …


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