TL;DR; It is possible to use Tableau’s native connectors to decrypt data coming from SQL Server Always Encrypted (with and without Security Enclaves) with a few caveats. This post provides options and how-tos.

Thanks to GDPR and a general surge in sophisticated cyber attacks, data encryption is becoming a staple…

If you have just invested in Tableau Embedded Analytics or joined Tableau’s OEM Program, here are some Community resources to get started.

My personal favourite is the Tableau Developer Program and, in particular, the Sprint Demo sessions. These are often run by Tableau’s own Developers and PMs who always provide a live demo with a sneak peak of what’s cooking first hand. Those sessions run every last Wednesday of the Month.

Here’s a list of some cool places to engage with the #datafam and #datadev communities 👪

This is perhaps my shortest and laziest post, but as they say, sharing is caring :)

I’ve recorded a couple videos explaining the process for embedding a simple Tableau view in Salesforce using VisualForce page component.

The first shows the process of creating a VF component and embedding Tableau into…

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